On my 30th birthday my father David decided to crack open a 1970 Portuguese port to celebrate after a family dinner. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before tragedy struck with my brother Bernard’s partner Melissa knocking over her glass to the shocked and scolding glare of her potential father in law to be.

Fearing not, the quicker thinking of my brothers, Luke ran to the kitchen sink, picked up a dish cloth and in the one motion pinged it towards the table, managing only to send my fathers glass flying with a direct hit RT Ponting would be proud of.

Mortified and roaring like a man who’d just had a glass of port knocked over, my father proceeded to bend over and suck the table cloth until he was satisfied nothing more was to be had.  Satisfied he sat back down and had another. The ‘Sugador de toalha de mesa’ (tablecloth sucker) was made to recognise the efforts my father went to on this day.

500ml bottle – 19% Alc.

$50.00 per bottle | $270.00 per case


Minimum order of 6 single wine bottles (mix and match) online.