When others were lured by financial incentives to pull out their vines in the 1980s, Raymond Seidel resisted the temptation to follow suit. The Cabernet Sauvignon had been nurtured by his father-in-law, Arthur Baust, and original owners Keith Broughton, since 1949.

Today, these historic vines stand as some of the oldest and most revered in McLaren Vale, yielding fruit of exceptional quality.

Nurtured with utmost care by Mark McCarthy using organic methods and free from any pesticides.

Fermented with natural yeast and aged in French oak barrels for 12 months, this rare vintage boasts a harmonious balance of dried fig and mocha flavors, elevated by the bright freshness of mint and eucalyptus, a testament to the unique terroir of our vineyard.

Savor now or cellar for future enjoyment and discover the timeless excellence of our Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Lolly Legs Cabernet is named after our daughter Tilly.

The artwork ‘Apple Harvest’ is by our favourite UK artist Louise Robinson.

$30.00 per bottle | $330.00 per case


Minimum order of 6 single wine bottles (mix and match) online.